Why Should I See a Dentist for Facial Injectables????

Botox® and dermal filler injections are readily available to patients across the country. It is not uncommon to find a wide range of medical professionals offering these services. So why should one feel more comfortable with seeing a dentist to provide their aesthetic facial injections?

Dentists have a strong, solid foundation in the sciences and a thorough understanding of facial anatomy. They are required to attend four years of graduate school following undergraduate schooling with specific and detailed training of the head and neck anatomy.  Many would argue that dentists are true specialists of the face. Much of their training involves detailed smile considerations as well as an understanding of the relationship of the eyes, cheeks, nose, lip and teeth and how they all esthetically relate to one another along with the vast understanding of the physiology and skeletal structure of the head and neck. This collective training provides an expertise in the area of the face, head and neck.

When it comes to the frequency and precision of injections, no other health care professional gives as many injections in the facial area on a daily basis as a dentist. We are the best injectors around and have the training, dexterity and skill in injection technique. Pain-free injections are essential as dentists and just as important when placing elective facial injectables.

Lastly, it is critical that dentists as specialists of the head and neck demonstrate an absolute eye for detail. Dentistry is an art as well a science, and a good dentist possesses creative talent. They must have an artistic sense to envision the most aesthetic end-result for all of their patients.  This same artistic detail is of critical importance when an injector is studying the face and determining the best possible facial aesthetic treatments for their patients.

When choosing the ideal injector for your aesthetic needs, consider the knowledge and skill that a dentist provides to patients on a daily basis. Dr. Heidi Daub is accepting patients in her Germantown, WI office for services which include wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, and relief of facial pain using trigger point therapy injections. Please call our office to schedule your visit with her today!

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