Day by day, we are all aging. We cannot avoid this truth, but we can certainly embrace an approach to age gracefully!

Let’s look at a few factors that affect the aging face:

  • Skin becomes dryer and thinner
  • Facial volume changes as we lose fat and bone density
  • Aging bodies produce less collagen, making the skin less elastic and prone to wrinkling and sagging

Here are a few simple steps we can take to give our faces the most youthful and natural appearance:

  • Never forget sun protection
  • Apply moisturizers daily to treat dry skin
  • Supplement with collagen to improve skin texture & elasticity
  • Utilize Wrinkle Relaxers (Botox or Xeomin) to target progressing lines of facial expression

Our goal for treating patients at Daub Aesthetics is to create a personalized and natural-looking approach to help you feel your very best as you age with grace!

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