You’ve probably heard the brand name – Botox – many times. It’s practically a household name. Did you know that there are several options available when choosing a wrinkle relaxer? At Daub Aesthetics we offer the use of Botox as well as Xeomin for wrinkle relaxer treatments.

Both of these options are derived from the same purified protein, botulinum toxin type A. Botox and Xeomin temporarily weaken targeted muscles of facial expression, easing your appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are both FDA approved and miracles workers in the anti-aging process! Wrinkle Relaxers will help you look and feel younger. The results of Botox and Xeomin are temporary, lasting 3-4 months and dosing is the same.

So what is the difference between Botox and Xeomin?

  • Botox has a name that is well recognized in the injectable aesthetic world. It contains an accessory protein (usually in the form of egg or lactose) to help deliver the neurotoxin to its targeted muscle.
  • Xeomin contains no accessory protein or preservatives, making it the “pure” injectable option. Xeomin only contains a single ingredient, botulinum toxin A, lowering the chance of developing resistance that can lower its desired effects.

When it comes to choosing between Botox and Xeomin, we love working with our patients. During the consultation, we will analyze your facial anatomy and health history and then work together to determine the best course of treatment for your desired results.

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