Many of us go into a new season with resolutions, renewed goals or a focus for personal improvement. If you’re anything like me, these resolutions end sooner than intended. However, it’s never too late to refine your approach to goal setting and long-term change!

Here are a few tips to make those goals stick:

  1. Start small – The best long-term changes start with just a small step or two. These smaller goals are easier to obtain and at the same time bring a great sense of accomplishment.
  1. Don’t give up! – You may have the urge to quit but never give up!! Remind yourself why you started and remember the big picture.
  1. Give yourself grace – No one is perfect. If you make a mistake or momentarily fall away from your vision, forgive yourself and start fresh.
  1. Enjoy Rewards – When you reach a goal or milestone, treat yourself with a little something special. A Botox treatment is a great reward and we’re here for you!

Enjoy this new season! Reflect and continually refine your focus to make this week, month or year or best one yet.

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